Accordions toggle the visibility of sections of content. They feature panels that consist of a section text label and a caret icon that collapses or expands to reveal more information.

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Accordion x x x 6/10/20
Last updated: 6/10/2020

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Accordions can be used in light and dark themes. They consist of vertically-stacked panels that are separated by a thin line when collapsed. Every panel contains a section text label and a caret icon that rotates to indicate if a panel is collapsed or expanded. When a panel is expanded, it includes different styling that consists of an active border on the left and a slight drop shadow, also used for a Disclosure.

Expanded accordion panel with labels


Expanded accordion panel with labels
Expanded accordion panel with labels

Accordions are used for organizing blocks of content into sections in a contained space, like product information. This enables users to hide or reveal information as needed without being directed to another page unless they select an interactive element. Accordions are optimal components for comparing content because a user can expand multiple panels simultaneously.

Accordions are great for organizing content while reducing page scrolling at the same time, but a user could miss critical information if it’s hidden or if they have to expand too many panels. Consider if an accordion really needs to be used. If content is critical or if it requires more focus to read, don’t use an accordion.

Usage vs. Disclosure

Accordions need to have at least two section panels. If only one panel is needed, use a Disclosure instead. Accordions are used to organize more important information whereas a disclosure is used to store supplementary content that might not be a crucial part of the user experience.

Accordions feature slightly different styles than a disclosure. Accordions have the caret icon placed on the right after the section text label whereas a disclosure has the caret icon positioned on the left before the section text label.

Example of a collapsed accordion component
Example of a collapsed disclosure

Label formatting

Section text labels should be written concisely and be representative of the content within. Be mindful of lengthy character counts and how they’ll impact the appearance of accordions, especially on smaller screens or if they’re translated.

Content area

When a panel is expanded, it contains a content area under the section text label and the caret icon. It may contain the same elements that can also be used in other sections of a page, like text, cards, images, etc. Text shouldn’t exceed eight grid columns to maintain optimal readability.

Accordions require at least two panels. If only one panel is needed, use a disclosure instead.

Accordion with one collapsed panel

Text inside panels shouldn’t exceed eight grid columns to maintain optimal readability.

Accordion with one collapsed panel


Accordions can be collapsed and expanded to hide or reveal information when toggled. By default, they load with all panels collapsed (this can be customized), allowing users to get a high-level overview of the content.

Collapsing and expanding

Accordion panels can be collapsed or expanded by clicking on or tapping the container where the section text label and the caret icon are positioned. When a panel is collapsed, the caret icon points to the right. When a panel expands, the caret icon rotates 90º and points down, revealing the content inside.

Accordion with one panel expanded and cursors over the clickable zones

Multiple panels

Multiple panels can be expanded simultaneously or they can stack. Expanding one panel doesn’t collapse another which makes it easy to compare content in the same view.

Accordion with one panel expanded and cursors over the clickable zones

Tab order

When the Tab key is pressed repeatedly, the focus indicator moves from top to bottom. When a user expands a panel by pressing the Enter or Space keys, any interactive elements inside are added to the tab order before the focus indicator reaches the next panel.

Accordion with one panel expanded and cursors over the clickable zones

Accordions work well when used on both large and small screens.


Accordions can be used on smaller screens, but the limited screen space makes content taller which might make users scroll more, so be careful about how much content is included.


Expanded accordion on desktop


Expanded accordion on tablet


Expanded accordion on mobile

Accordions use PatternFly 4 spacers to define spacing values between elements.

Accordion with spacers
Nestled accordion with spacers

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