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A badge is used to annotate other information like a label or an object name.

  • info: Indicates informative or low impact
  • success: Indicates stability or completion
  • moderate: Indicates caution
  • important: Indicates an error
  • critical: Indicates danger or something critical
Two badges; from left to right, one badge has a light gray background with a dark gray counter number and the other badge has a blue background with a white counter number


What do these mean?
Figma library:
RH Elements:

Sample element

1 99 100 11 6 2


View a live version of this component and see how it can be customized.

<rh-badge number="7">7</rh-badge>
<rh-badge number="24">24</rh-badge>
<rh-badge number="240">240</rh-badge>
<rh-badge threshold="900" number="999">999</rh-badge>

<script type="module">
import '@rhds/elements/rh-badge/rh-badge.js';

Full screen demo

When to use

  • When you need to reflect counts like number of objects, events, or unread items
Property Status Meaning
Figma library Ready Component is available in the Figma library
Responsive Ready Component responds to changing viewport sizes in Figma and the browser
RH Elements Ready Component is available as a web component
webRH Ready Component is available as a web component
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