Introduction to libraries

We use several Adobe XD libraries to serve the consumers of the Red Hat Digital Design System and other web tools. Depending on your needs, you may request an invite to access one or more of our libraries. Each library is updated regularly so rest assured you will always be working with the latest colors, character styles, components, and more. To learn how to use libraries, watch the following video.

Adobe XD

All of our libraries are maintained in XD, it needs to be installed so you can use features like Component States and Prototyping. After XD is installed, your Adobe account needs to be switched to the Adobe for Teams plan. Contact your manager for further assistance if necessary.

Request an Adobe for Teams plan Download Adobe XD

Available libraries

Our design system includes the following libraries.

  • Design system kit - Themed assets used to build Red Hat web properties
  • FTS starter kit - Flexible Template System (FTS) patterns that can be customized in XD and built in Drupal
  • Brand/UI icon library - Icons created and used by the Brand and Design system teams
  • Product logo library - Current collection of product logos

Library vs. kit

A library is how XD manages and distributes colors, character styles, and components that were created in XD or imported from another design program. The term library is generic because it can include anything whereas the term kit is more specific like a kit of parts built for a single use case, for example the Design system kit. A kit is also a library, but we use the term kit to identify a specific collection of elements used for one purpose only.

Request an invite

Ensure that you have XD installed and your Adobe account is in order before requesting an invite to access our libraries. When ready, contact us and tell us about you and what you are working on in relation to what libraries you want to use.


To give feedback about anything on this page, contact us.

Our libraries

Our libraries include a variety of components, patterns, brand and UI icons, and product logos.