Get started

Our design system kit is created and maintained in Adobe XD. It includes colors, text styles, components, patterns, and more that you can use in your designs. To request access to the shared design system kit library, follow the instructions below. Adobe XD publishes new assets or changes made to assets automatically, so you're always working with the latest elements and designs. The design system kit can also be viewed online if you need more details.

If you’d like to start working with our design system kit, please follow these steps.


Request an invite to the library

You must send us an email about your interest in the shared design system kit and we’ll invite you to the library.


Sync the library

When you accept the invite, the library will sync. There are lots of elements, so this process might take a few minutes.


Load the library

When the library is fully synced, it should appear in the Libraries panel in Adobe XD.

Library title screenshot

If you don't see the library, select the Browse libraries link below the Document Assets library. You may need to activate the library by turning on the switch.

Switch library on

Load the library

When fully synced, the library will appear in the Libraries panel. Clicking on the library will load the available designs.


Browse the website

Browse the website to familiarize yourself with our Foundations, Components, and much more.


Component docs

Educate yourself about the best practices of components, patterns, etc. before using them in your designs.


Drag and drop

Create robust designs and experiences by dragging and dropping components and patterns on the canvas.

To request a new component or pattern, create an issue in our GitHub repo. To submit any changes to an existing component or pattern, contact us.

We're an open team who wants to build the future of Red Hat’s web properties and digital systems together. If you'd like to contribute, contact us using one of the methods below.