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Breakpoints tokens


Ex. Token name Value Use case
--rh-breakpoint-2xs-max 575px Mobile portrait (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-xs 576px Mobile portrait
--rh-breakpoint-xs-max 767px Mobile landscape (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-sm 768px Mobile landscape
--rh-breakpoint-sm-max 991px Mobile landscape (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-md 992px Tablet portrait
--rh-breakpoint-md-max 1199px Tablet portrait (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-lg 1200px Tablet landscape
--rh-breakpoint-lg-max 1439px Tablet landscape (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-xl 1440px Desktop small
--rh-breakpoint-xl-max 1679px Desktop small (max-width)
--rh-breakpoint-2xl 1680px Desktop large

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