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Our approach

Brand standards

Red Hat brand standards are the source code for our identity. They govern how we look and sound in all types of media. We follow brand standards to unify Red Hat digital experiences and stay up-to-date with our brand as it grows, improves, and adapts to meet new challenges.

Red Hat brand standards

PatternFly collaboration

We collaborate with PatternFly, an open source design system for enterprise product experiences. Using PatternFly as a foundation, we create intuitive and scalable Red Hat digital experiences the open source way.

Shared language and vision

We leverage similar elements as PatternFly, so designers no longer need to reinvent the wheel when choosing components. For example, an Accordion used in a Red Hat web application will look the same when used on a website.

Shared language
Web components

Web components

Our team is building an open source web component-driven development system to build scalable UI elements. This open source community project supports many components in our design system.




Our components can be arranged in a number of ways and CSS variables can be used for further customization.



The goal of our design system is to create meaningful experiences that work for everyone, regardless of ability.



Our documentation and tools streamline collaboration so teams can create consistent and on-brand experiences.



Our system enables teams to work concurrently across the Red Hat system of websites and beyond.

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