Jump links

Jump links act as persistent navigation that consists of a vertical list of anchor links. Selecting a link moves a user to content that corresponds with the link selected. A link is displayed as active when the content it links to is visible in the browser window.

Jump links sample component

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Jump links are fixed on the page and follow a user as they scroll. It moves them to a section of content when the corresponding link is selected. It looks visually similar to Open tabs, the only difference is the uppercase label on top.

Jump links specs


Jump links theme light
Jump links theme dark


Jump links display a label at the top indicating there are section links that a user can select. This label isn’t interactive.

Jump links feature links that float to the right of an anchor line, they represent the different sections that are available to select.

Sections that contain lots of content can be broken into nested sections for better organization and hierarchy. Nested section links are positioned under their parent section link and indented slightly. There are guidelines about how many section links can be included, but no guidelines about how many nested section links can be included.

Jump links nested section

Active indicator bar

A red indicator bar highlights what the active section is. It’s positioned on top of the anchor line, not adjacent.

Jump links active indicator bar


Jump links are used to help a user navigate through large sections of content. Blocks of content that use jump links should be displayed in full and not hidden in other components, unless absolutely necessary. Sections that contain additional content can include nested sections for better organization. Nested sections shouldn’t be visible under a parent section by default, they’re displayed when a user scrolls past them or if they select the specific parent section link.


Jump links are placed on the left edge of the grid on large screens so content can scroll freely on the right without interruption. Ensure there’s ample space between jump links and the content.

Jump links positioning

Jump links should contain at least two section links.

Jump links not enough links issue

Don’t include section links that are really long, they can be customized to be shorter when added to a group of jump links.

Jump links too long titles

Don’t overload jump links with too many section links, but including lots of nested section links is acceptable.

Jump links too many top level links issue

Don’t nest section links within nested section links.

Jump links nesting issue


When a page loads, jump links are anchored to the top edge of content that it applies to before it becomes persistent.

Active section

When a page loads, jump links are anchored to the top edge of content that it applies to before it becomes persistent.

Selecting sections

When a user selects a section link, the content moves up or down and lands on the top edge of the section they chose. The red indicator bar highlights the active section link and the link changes color before the section comes into view.


Jump links can be used on large and small screens. There’s not enough space to use jump links in a mobile layout, so it’s wrapped in a Disclosure and anchored above the content instead. It becomes persistent when a user scrolls past the top edge of the content.

Jump links on mobile

Jump links can be used on all screen sizes.


Jump links are displayed in layout on large screens, but on small screens it’s wrapped in a disclosure which is collapsed until a user expands the panel.


Jump links on desktop

On large screens, jump links are displayed in the layout


Jump links on tablet

Section links reduce in width as breakpoints get smaller


Jump links on mobile

On small screens, jump links are wrapped in a collapsed disclosure

Jump links have the same interaction states as vertical Open tabs.

Jump to section

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Tab order

For accessibility, jump links are required to be focused. Any interactive elements above jump links will be focused first until jump links stick to the top edge of content. Once jump links come into view and are persistent, the first section link is focused and the tab order becomes top to bottom.

Jump links tab order

Jump links use PatternFly 4 spacers to define spacing values between elements.

Jump links spacing on desktop
Jump links spacing on mobile

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