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Icons are small visual representations that help us depict a variety of ideas, technologies, and interactions. Our icons are open and straightforward, just like our brand. To see the entire repo of icons, visit this page.

Get started

Available icons can be accessed in the Libraries panel in Adobe XD. You can search for an icon by name or by expanding any corresponding section.

Adobe XD

This library is maintained in Adobe XD and Adobe Creative Cloud. They need to be installed if you want access to icons. Once a license is granted, Associates can install their desired app(s) from within Adobe Creative Cloud. Contact your manager for further assistance if necessary.

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Use icons to represent general and technical concepts, their recommended size is between 32px and 96px.

Brand icon examples

Component states

Use Component States in XD to toggle between different colors.

Resizing an icon and switching component states will revert the icon to the default size. Select a component state and then resize.

Brand/UI icon component states

Icon sizing

This library is set up so that all icons have a height or width of 64px. When using icons in your designs, some of them will appear smaller or larger than others. You might need to visually adjust them so they have similar proportions when used in close proximity to each other.

Brand icon sizing

Best practices

Inconsistent sizing

Do not use icons at different sizes in close proximity to each other.

Brand/UI icon library best practice 1

Inconsistent colors

Do not use icons with different colors in close proximity to each other.

Brand/UI icon library best practice 2

More information

For more information about general icon best practices, visit this page.

Request an invite

Ensure that you have XD installed and your Adobe account is in order before requesting an invite. When ready, contact us and tell us about you and what you are working on in relation to this library.

Frequently asked questions

When are new icons added to this library?
New brand assets are released every month, so any new icons will be added within one day.

How do I request a new icon?
To request a new icon be created, contact the Brand team.

How do I request an existing icon be added to this library?
If your desired icon is not found in this library, check if it exists in the icon repo first. If the icon does exist in the repo but not in the library, contact the Design system team and it will be added within one day.

Why is an icon no longer available?
It might have been removed if brand assets were deprecated. To find out more, contact the Brand team for missing icons.


To give feedback about anything on this page, contact us.

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