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Icons are small visual representations that help us depict a variety of ideas and technologies. Our icons are open and straightforward, just like our brand. Visit this page to see our repo of icons.

Using libraries

Our libraries require access to Adobe Creative Cloud through a Red Hat account. These libraries are intended for designers who regularly use Adobe CC apps as part of their role at Red Hat. Access will not be granted to accounts that are not part of the Red Hat domain.

Request a Creative Cloud license

Request access

To request access to the Adobe CC libraries containing brand assets, fill out the Brand CC libraries request form. Please allow a week or less to receive access.

When your request is accepted, you will be invited to join the Logo and color palette library, the Product logos and icons library, and the Standard and UI icons library. These libraries will then sync to your Adobe CC design programs and you can view the assets in the Libraries panel.

Request access to our libraries

Types of icons

We have three types of icons in our library and each has a specific purpose. Make sure you are using the icon best suited for your project or application.

Standard icons

Use standard icons to represent general and technical concepts in marketing materials, presentations, etc.

Standard icons
Learn more about using standard icons

UI icons

Use UI icons for concepts that need to be immediately understood and remain clear at very small sizes.

UI icons
Learn more about using UI icons

Product icons

Use product icons to represent specific products, services, and technologies in marketplaces and catalogs.

UI icons
Learn more about using product icons

Icon sizing

The recommended size of icons depends on how they are used. Do not make icons smaller than 24px or larger than 96px.

Sizing icons

Best practices

Incorrect sizing

Do not use UI icons at large sizes and do not use standard or product icons at small sizes.

Icons best practice 1

Inconsistent sizing

Do not use icons at different sizes in close proximity to each other.

Icons best practice 2

Inconsistent colors

Do not use icons with different colors in close proximity to each other.

Icons best practice 3

Learn more

To learn more about what assets are available in each library and how to find them in Adobe CC apps, view these instructions.

Frequently asked questions

When are the libraries updated with new icons?
New assets are added about once per month, however, sometimes icons are not included in that release. Updates to our libraries are communicated over e-mail and if you want to be added to the distribution list, contact the Brand team.

Can I request a new icon?
To request a new icon, fill out this form. For all other asset requests, contact the Brand team.

I do not see my desired icon in the libraries, how do I find it?
If you are having trouble locating an icon in the libraries, contact the Brand team.

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